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I own my own body

The first time I was raped, my mum was very kind and loving; and very practical. She would make me sit over hot water, naked; she took me for all the necessary tests. She also took me to the police station to report, and yes you guessed it, this was the only useless step. I could see she was struggling with what had just happened to her youngest child, her baby. No mother should have to go through that. But I just wish she had not bothered with the practicalities and the protocols. I wish that instead of all those, she had held me and told me, “those men who raped you are animals and that is completely abnormal behavior for a human being”. I wish she had told me, it was not my fault and it had nothing to do with what I was wearing or because I had gone out after 6:00 pm. I wish she had told me that I had ownership over my body. I wish I had known all these, earlier. I don’t know what difference it would have made, but I know it would have helped me somehow.

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A guide on how to be a Mummy GO/First Lady

I was raised catholic and so I was not exposed to the concept of Mummy G.O until much later in my life. Now that I do think about it, the women of the women's organisation could have passed as Mummy GOs. In fact, the first one I actually came across is my mother. She was… Continue reading A guide on how to be a Mummy GO/First Lady