How does a 7 year old seduce a grown man with her princess dresses?

I got a lot of feedback from yesterday's blog post. Many of the responses almost had me in tears. I've always known the numbers and the alarming rape statistics, but talking to actual people who had similar stories to mine and some even worse, had me in shock and I struggled to sleep. At the… Continue reading How does a 7 year old seduce a grown man with her princess dresses?

Abuse · sexual harassment · Silence

I own my own body

The first time I was raped, my mum was very kind and loving; and very practical. She would make me sit over hot water, naked; she took me for all the necessary tests. She also took me to the police station to report, and yes you guessed it, this was the only useless step. I could see she was struggling with what had just happened to her youngest child, her baby. No mother should have to go through that. But I just wish she had not bothered with the practicalities and the protocols. I wish that instead of all those, she had held me and told me, “those men who raped you are animals and that is completely abnormal behavior for a human being”. I wish she had told me, it was not my fault and it had nothing to do with what I was wearing or because I had gone out after 6:00 pm. I wish she had told me that I had ownership over my body. I wish I had known all these, earlier. I don’t know what difference it would have made, but I know it would have helped me somehow.